Kyle Markley, candidate for Oregon Secretary of State

Kyle Markley
for Oregon Secretary of State

Secretary of State

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Occupation: Engineer, Intel

Occupational Background: Microprocessor debug

Educational Background: BS Computer Science, Iowa State University

Prior Governmental Experience: Joint Interim Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform, member, 2015-2017


I will oversee an open, impartial elections system that encourages participation by minimizing the red tape that burdens voters, candidates, political organizations, and political expression.

I am strongly opposed to Measure 107, which is an attack on the Oregon Bill of Rights. That ballot measure would enable government censorship of political speech. I wrote and published a large number of arguments opposing Measure 107 in this Voters' Pamphlet at my personal expense. Please read them before you vote on it. Chances are that you have never read a principled opposition to political censorship, and you will appreciate the new perspective.

Contrary to the claims of its supporters, Measure 107 would not make elections "fair" or "honest" – it would make them dramatically unfair by making it even harder for challengers to unseat incumbents, reduce your options to vote for third party candidates, and stifle your ability to express your political opinions by yourself or in association with others. Supporters dishonestly claim that Measure 107 would reduce corruption, in defiance of the data, while conveniently forgetting to mention that the sweeping powers granted by Measure 107 would enable them to censor ballot measure campaigns where corruption isn't even possible.

Limiting your political speech gives them a political advantage. Limits on political speech always benefit the incumbents – that's why oppressive regimes like China, Russia, Turkey, and North Korea suppress speech. If you give away your freedom of speech, you'll never get it back.


Audits are an essential tool for identifying problems in government systems and for suggesting improvements. Your taxes should be spent responsibly.

More public records should be available online without needing to submit public records requests. The Public Records Advocate should be independent of the Governor.

(This information furnished by Kyle Markley.)

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Libertarian candidate for Oregon Secretary of State
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