Vote Kyle Markley for Change Kyle Markley, candidate for Oregon State Representative


Thank you for considering me for the job of your representative in the Oregon legislature.

Elect me to be the legislature's resident contrarian, objecting to bad policies and looking out for unintended consequences. Elect me to vigilantly oppose government meddling in the economy. Elect me to protect your rights of free speech, association, and due process. Elect me because I am beholden to nothing but my principles.

I believe the role of a candidate is to explain what they believe, so that the electing public may predict how — and know why — the candidate would vote if elected. Therefore, my campaign is about political principles and how they apply to important issues of public policy.

I will not waste your time with the kind of content-free political platitudes you typically hear from candidates. Of course I love mom and apple pie, want our kids to get a good education, and think there should be more jobs — but those beliefs do not distinguish me from my opponents, and do not inform you of my political philosophy. I won't waste your time.

I invite you to read my candidate statement and issue papers. If you would like to know more, please contact me. I want to be responsive to your concerns, and I will post additional issue papers based on your questions.

© Kyle Markley
Libertarian candidate for Oregon State Representative, District 30
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